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Wireless Retail

The Top Ten Dumbest Things I Ever Heard in Wireless Retail

There are few jobs more maniacally frustrating than retail - especially in the wireless industry! Acquainting millions of employees to new, wondrous...
lion king

Is The Lion King Secretly a Remake of Bambi? [INFOGRAPHIC]

It has often been referenced that Disney's The Lion King is an adaptation of William Shakespeare's Hamlet set in the African Savannah - but is it...

The Cornhole Conundrum

Every job has its own set of specific quirks yet, in my experience, nothing has come close to the fanatical cornhole mania that possessed a travel job...

Store Stories

The unintended hilarity of store signs with unfortunate letters burnt out or missing.
Hill Valley

Mysterious Object Spotted in the Sky Over Hill Valley, CA

HILL VALLEY - At 4:29 PM, a flash of light overhead downtown Hill Valley interrupted commuters finishing an otherwise normal workday. Some witnesses have...
Store Stories

Store Stories 2

After posting Store Stories last month, I couldn't just leave it there. There were so many more to include that I could never fit them all...

How FROZEN Ruined My COCO Screening

My two different attempts to see Disney-Pixar's COCO and how FROZEN inadvertently ruined both of them. From scary Olaf fanboys to flying Elsa projectiles...

The Curse of AT&T

I have always done my AT&T phone purchases in a store but when it came time to finally upgrade my Samsung Galaxy S4, I decided...

What’s the Worst State to Drive In?

Driving into work yesterday morning, I was struck by a series of events that gave me flashbacks to some of the craziest road experiences...

The Great Chicken Massacre of 2016

One of the best things about living in upstate New York is the quality of chicken wings. Hot, mild, sweet, spicy, garlicy, even aphrodisiac-ly, when you...

Other Default Stories

The Watcher in the Woods (1980): A Disney Horror Film?

We close out October with an oxymoron: a legitimate Disney horror film - 1980's The Watcher in the Woods. Disney may rule fantasy but can it produce effective scares?
character deathsvideo

Top Nostalgic Character Deaths