Lebron James

Why Lebron James is like Mass Effect’s Commander Shepard

Kickass leaders that push their teams to victory against overwhelming odds - how the NBA giant Lebron James is like Mass Effect's Commander Shepard!
Aaron Rodgers

Why Packers QB Aaron Rodgers is Like Darth Vader

Since the departure and eventual retirement of Bret Favre, a new force has descended in the realm of football - Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers, the true Sith Lord Master of the NFL.
drew brees

Why Drew Brees is like FIREFLY’s Malcolm Reynolds

From mediocre beginnings to game changing champions, the Saints' Drew Brees and Firefly's Malcolm Reynolds share a lot in common beyond their gun-slinging prowess.
Russell Wilson

Why Russell Wilson is like Spider-Man

Peter Parker and Russell Wilson - better known as the Spider-Man and the Seahawk. The Sports Guide to Nerd Culture compares the two legends on and off the field!
Peyton Manning

Why Peyton Manning is Like Indiana Jones

NGSC Sports and Hilarity by Default's Sports Guide to Nerd Culture continues with how Peyton Manning is like cinematic legend Indiana Jones!
Tom Brady

Tom Brady is Wolverine

Is Tom Brady the Wolverine of the NFL? Our Sports Guide to Nerd Culture has the shocking answer - especially for Captain America fans...
Nerd Culture

The Sports Fan’s Guide to Nerd Culture Series

Bridging the gap between nerd culture and sports to achieve harmony in breakrooms and watering holes around the world!

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