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Extinct Disneyvideo

Top 5 Extinct DISNEY WORLD Rides – Default Assault

In honor of the recent loss of the Universe of Energy and The Great Movie Ride, Default Assault counts down the Top 5 Extinct Disney World attractions!
Spoils of Warvideo

GAME OF THRONES: “The Spoils of War” by Default – Default Assault

From momentous battles to long-awaited reunions, "The Spoils of War" has a little bit of everything that makes this one of the best TV series of our time!
Jack Sparrowvideo

Who It Could Have Been: Jack Sparrow & Indiana Jones – Default Assault

Default Assault takes a look at some of the insane original casting choices for INDIANA JONES and PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN's Jack Sparrow!

Default Assault’s Top 7 GAME OF THRONES Predictions

GAME OF THRONES is back and judging from the first 2 episodes of Season 7, we are finally getting into the thick of it! But how's it all going to play out?
Underrated Comediesvideo

The Most Underrated Comedies (Part 2) – Default Assault

What are the most Underrated Comedies of all time? These are the gems that either bombed at the box-office, got little exposure, or have fallen through...

SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING by Default – Default Assault

The best SPIDER-MAN ever? Today on Default Assault, Demosthenes and Kyle explore SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING & the character's much awaited return to the MCU!
Underrated Comediesvideo

The Most Underrated Comedies (Part 1) – Default Assault

Comedy is arguably the most subjective film genre and with many people claiming that there are too few good comedies out there, we've decided...
Fifth Elementvideo

Is THE FIFTH ELEMENT Required Viewing? w/ Tokeo Jamison – Default Assault

With Luc Besson's VALERIAN out next month, this is the ideal time to ask if his 1997 sci-fi effort, THE FIFTH ELEMENT, is required viewing...
Summer Movievideo

Default Assault’s Summer Movie Preview 2017 – Part 3

Join us as Demos and Kyle dive into the upcoming July releases of 2017 in Part 3 of our 3 part Summer Movie series. From SPIDER-MAN to THE DARK TOWER...
Godfather Part IIvideo

The Godfather vs. Godfather Part II – Default Assault

Last month, we asked if THE GODFATHER was required viewing. Now it's time for the great debate: which is the better film, GODFATHER or GODFATHER PART II?

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