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When Is It OK to Remake a Movie?

Whether they're called re-imaginings or reboots, remakes have been a staple of cinema since its very inception. Which got us thinking: when is it OK to remake a movie?
magic kingdomvideo

MAGIC KINGDOM March Madness Elimination Game

It's a Disney fans' biggest question: what is the best attraction at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom? Inspired by March Madness, we have created our own Magic Kingdom bracket elimination game to determine the true victor of Walt's kingdom!
Default Assaultvideo

Default Assault Out of Context

Default Assault celebrates its one-year anniversary with a crazy look at some of our favorite clips from the past year out of context and hilarious by default!
sega vs nintendovideo

Sega vs Nintendo Music

Sega vs Nintendo - the infamous Console War of the 80's & 90's has sparked much fury between video game fans debating both systems' various games and tech...but what about the music?
black panthervideo

The Ups and Downs of BLACK PANTHER

Marvel's BLACK PANTHER is finally out! Does it live up to the hype? Default Assault dissects the Ups and Downs, the controversies, and the themes behind the 18th entry in the MCU!
be preparedvideo

Live-Action THE LION KING Cutting “Be Prepared”?

Elton John just revealed that they're cutting "Be Prepared" from 2019's upcoming live-action remake of Disney's THE LION KING. Default Assault breaks down the facts!
Great Racevideo

Move Over Daytona 500! This is the Real GREAT RACE!

Is Blake Edwards' 1965 comedy extravaganza THE GREAT RACE more exciting than the Daytona 500? You bet it is - but is it Required Viewing?

Top 10 Actors Who Almost Played BATMAN

We count down our Top 10 Lost Batmen - actors who came close to playing Batman but lost the role for one reason or another. 

Is NORTH BY NORTHWEST Required Viewing?

From its famous crop dusting chase to its showdown atop Mount Rushmore, Alfred Hitchcock's North by Northwest stands as one of the most revered movies ever made - but is it Required Viewing?

Are the Oscars Still Relevant?

The box office success of Best Picture winners over the last decade has shown a staggering decline prompting us to ask: Are the Oscars Still Relevant?

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