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Christmas Storyvideo


A CHRISTMAS STORY has been arguably overplayed year after year in 24 hour marathons but is its status as a holiday staple overrated?
Christmas Carolvideo

Is MICKEY’S CHRISTMAS CAROL the Best Christmas Carol?

From Siskel and Ebert's notorious snub to Tiny Tim's surprising celebrity cemetery, Default Assault takes on the Disney classic - MICKEY'S CHRISTMAS CAROL.
Disney Moviesvideo

Top Disney Movies That Should Have Rides

Sure we have Peter Pan's Flight, Alice's Mad Tea Party, & the late Mr. Toad, but what other Disney movies are being left out of the theme parks?
Gone with the Windvideo

Is GONE WITH THE WIND Required Viewing?

"As God is my witness, I'll never be hungry again!" With that famous quote, how could we not talk about GONE WITH THE WIND on Thanksgiving?
Justice Leaguevideo

What Went Wrong with the JUSTICE LEAGUE?

Beyond the question of whether or not JUSTICE LEAGUE is better than BATMAN V SUPERMAN (it is), does it make the cut as a worthy DCEU film?
harry potter fan debatesvideo

Top 5 HARRY POTTER Fan Debates Resolved!

To celebrate HARRY POTTER's Sweet Sixteen, we invited writer Jen Juneau to help tackle the Top 5 Harry Potter Fan Debates! Is Neville the real...


From its epic use of Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song" to the Thor vs. Hulk fight, THOR: RAGNAROK has achieved much acclaim but is it the best THOR movie?
Film Scores Never Nominatedvideo

Top 5 Film Scores Never Nominated for an Oscar

From classic films to 80's classic and beyond, Default Assault takes a look at the Top 5 Film Scores never nominated for an Oscar! 
Nightmare Before Christmasvideo

Is NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS a Halloween or Christmas Movie?

The conundrum of the holiday season: is Disney's THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS a Christmas or Halloween movie? Default Assault tackles the debate!
buzz lightyearvideo

Who It Could Have Been: Buzz Lightyear and Santa Claus

Who It Could Have Been returns with a look at two famous Tim Allen roles - Buzz Lightyear from Disney's TOY STORY & Scott Calvin from THE SANTA CLAUSE...

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Default Disney: Pinocchio (1940)

When I first was going to review Pinocchio, I asked a few friends if they had interest in watching it with me only to...
Get a Horse

Default Disney: “Get a Horse!” (2013)

Since his final regular short was released in 1953 ("The Simple Things"), Mickey Mouse has only made sporadic appearances in films outside of television,...
Pirates of the Caribbeanvideo

The Hidden Curse of Pirates of the Caribbean: The Kiss of Death

Has the deadliest curse in Disney's PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN films been mostly overlooked? Specifically, the curse of Elizabeth Swann and her deadly kiss!

Default Disney: “Steamboat Willie” (1928)

To kick off our weekly look at the Disney films and shorts, we go back to the one that started it all, 1928's "STEAMBOAT WILLIE." But first...