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Default Assault Extras features deleted scenes, off-topic rants, and other content cut from our weekly Default Assault episodes.

Batman Forevervideo

BATMAN FOREVER: What Really Went Wrong

What's the real underlying flaw behind Joel Schumacher's debut Batman film - Batman Forever? Perhaps the most debated of the original Bat series, it's a film that is loved and/or hated by Dark Knight fans for wildly different reasons.

The Many Faces of Two-Face

Default Assault explores a few of the many (and almost) faces of Batman's Two-Face, one of the Dark Knight's most duplicitous and compelling villains.
Disney Cinematic Universevideo

The Disney Cinematic Universe?

With Disney's recent barrage of live-action remakes, it's not hard to believe that a Disney Cinematic Universe may be on the horizon (possibly focused on Disney Princesses or Disney Villains).

Oscars We’re Rooting For

We reveal the Top Oscar picks that we're rooting for and the one Academy Award nomination that left us scratching our heads in today's Default Assault Extra!

Did LAST JEDI Ruin Leia?

Leia's appearance in STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI has already inspired vitriol & cheers from its fans but does its controversial nature ruin the character?
Star Trekvideo

Discovering STAR TREK

Default Assault's Demosthenes and Kyle reminisce about their first introductions to STAR TREK, from the Original Series to The Next Generation & more!
Family Filmsvideo

What’s Wrong with Comedy & Family Films Today

Kyle and Demosthenes discuss the current state of family films and comedies as they go "uber-meta!" From over-explained jokes, punchlines with no set ups...
Casablanca Samvideo

Is Sam the Sidekick in CASABLANCA?

We all fondly misremember the great CASABLANCA film quote, "Play it again, Sam," but is there more to the eponymous piano player? Plus, a Madonna remake?
Bran Starkvideo

Bran Stark is Ice Jesus & More GAME OF THRONES Talk

Default Assault ponders the latest Bran Stark GAME OF THRONES theory plus will we ever hail Davos Seaworth as the Onion King of the iron throne?

Is Varys a Merman & More GAME OF THRONES Talk

Is Varys secretly a merman? Are all the surviving male GAME OF THRONES characters maimed in some way? All that & more in this week's Default Assault Extras!

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