Tom Cruise Iron Manvideo

Tom Cruise as IRON MAN?

Would Tom Cruise have made the perfect Tony Stark in Marvel's inaugural MCU effort IRON MAN? How would he compare to Robert Downey, Jr.?
David Duchovny Hulkvideo

David Duchovny as the Incredible HULK?

Would David Duchovny have been a good Bruce Banner in Marvel's THE INCREDIBLE HULK instead of Edward Norton? If so, would he still be playing him?
Florida Man Spider-Manvideo

Florida Man Spider-Man, Friendly Neighborhood Spider Thief

Florida man Spider-Man? The alternate INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE version of Spider-Man we didn't get to see? Man poses as the superhero to rob liquor store.
Batman vs Ninja Turtlesvideo

BATMAN vs NINJA TURTLES Trailer Reaction

Default Assault reacts to the new trailer for BATMAN VS NINJA TURTLES. Does the crossover look to be as epic as nostalgia dictates?
Jason Momoa Draxvideo

Jason Momoa as Drax in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY?

Would Jason Momoa have been a good Drax the Destroyer in Marvel's GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY series? How would he compare to Dave Bautista's memorable turn?
CAPTAIN MARVEL Movie Reviewvideo

CAPTAIN MARVEL Movie Review: An Autopsy

Default Assault's CAPTAIN MARVEL Movie Review: the most divisive "meh" film ever made or has the bickering made it a statement rather than a movie?
ABYSS Blu Rayvideo

THE ABYSS Blu Ray Release Finally Coming?

Can you believe that James Cameron's THE ABYSS hasn't been officially released on Blu-ray yet? Well, it seems like some promising news has finally surfaced…
Idris Elbavideo

Idris Elba replaces Will Smith in SUICIDE SQUAD 2

Idris Elba is set to replace Will Smith as Deadshot in SUICIDE SQUAD 2. Will he be a dead ringer for the role or will this casting miss its shot?


James Bond 007 producer Barbara Broccoli has debunked SHATTERHAND as the rumored title for Bond 25 in a hilarious (by default) Instagram post.
Watch Casablancavideo


We all know that CASABLANCA (1942) is the definition of Required Viewing but is there a wrong way to watch it? A version so bad that it would be to skip it?

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