Fifth Elementvideo

Is THE FIFTH ELEMENT Required Viewing? w/ Tokeo Jamison

With Luc Besson's VALERIAN out next month, this is the ideal time to ask if his 1997 sci-fi effort, THE FIFTH ELEMENT, is required viewing...

SOLO: A Non-Spoiler STAR WARS Review

Is SOLO a STAR WARS story worth watching? Default Assault breaks it down in our NON-SPOILER Review plus box office reactions and how the film stacks up against ROGUE ONE and the contentious LAST JEDI.
James Bond Diesvideo

James Bond Dies #3

007 dismantles a nuclear bomb in James Bond Dies #3 - a series where we ask the question, "What would happen if James Bond was an incompetent secret agent with endless bad luck?"
Malcolm McDowell Pennywisevideo

Malcolm McDowell as Pennywise in IT?

Would Malcolm McDowell have played a good Pennywise in lieu of Tim Curry in Stephen King's IT miniseries (1990)? Plus, Tim Curry's epic pizza moment.

PSYCHO Shower Scene vs STRANGERS ON A TRAIN Carnival Scene

Two of the greatest psychological thrillers of all time; two of Alfred Hitchcock's most critically-acclaimed films; and two vastly different key murder...
Florida Man Birthday Challengevideo

Florida Man Birthday Challenge

Default Assault takes the Florida Man Birthday Challenge with a trio of stories involving cross-dressing puppy theft, Florida zombies, & restaurant rope.
Walt Disney World Triviavideo

Walt Disney World Trivia Challenge

We put our co-host's default status to the test with a series of Walt Disney World trivia questions. Come play along and see how well you do!
If I Never Knew Youvideo

Deleted Disney: “If I Never Knew You” & “Can You Feel the Love Tonight”

Should "If I Never Knew You" have been cut from POCAHONTAS? Plus, the dreadful alternate version of "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" we almost got.
Senior Spirit Brisco Countyvideo

“Senior Spirit” 1×08 | Brisco County Jr. Reviews

Brisco County Jr. (Brice Campbell) goes head to head once again with John Bly, the orb, and ghost dad (R. Lee Ermey) in Episode 8 "Senior Spirit!"
Brisco for the Defensevideo

“Brisco for the Defense” 1×09 | Brisco County Jr. Reviews

Terrifying mobs, sick cows, and Judge Frollo pit "Brisco for the Defense" in this week's Brisco County Jr. Review! When a friend is framed for murder...

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