The Default Assault is Coming!

Hilarity by Default is proud to announce a brand new video series: Default Assault!

Every week, I will be joined by Kyle Nash (The Student of the Game) to discuss movies, entertainment news, and other pop culture interests, such as: Which famous film should have won Best Picture? Is Elizabeth Swann truly the one with a curse in Disney‘s The Pirates of the Caribbean series? Can a bad sequel or prequel destroy a well-regarded original? What is the best 1980’s film trilogy (Back to the Future, Indiana Jones, or Star Wars)? And, of course, who is actually the best James Bond?

Default Assault debuts Thursday, March 9th. Check out our teaser for a taste of things to come and make sure to Like and Subscribe to our Hilarity by Default YouTube page so you won’t miss out on the fun!

I am a writer, video producer, and avid film buff. I've also been pegged by a few as the second coming of the Messiah although I don't believe it. Just to be on the safe side, however, I am willing to accept your prayers and any monetary contributions you are willing to part with. Especially automobiles. Yes, automobiles will suffice.