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Default Assault closes out its look at THE GODFATHER Saga with one of the most debated trilogy-cappers in film history - THE GODFATHER: PART III. Is it really as bad as they say?
Major League IIvideo

MAJOR LEAGUE II (1994): Just a Bit Outside

After covering the original last week, we couldn't resist taking a trip back to the ballpark to review MAJOR LEAGUE II. Perhaps we should have resisted!

Is THE BIRDS the Most Misunderstood Hitchcock Film?

Hitchcock's The Birds (1963) may be one of his most universally known films but is there more to it than a horror story centered around homicidal birds?

The Fate of My “Fate of the Furious” Review

With The Fate of the Furious due out in theaters this week, I've been asked why I'm NOT reviewing the film here. Well, the answer lies in this deleted...

Disney Heroes as Avengers

With GUARDIANS 2 out tomorrow, we celebrate by taking a look at which animated Disney Heroes would be the perfect substitutes for the original AVENGERS...
Alan Grantvideo

Who It Could Have Been: James Bond and Alan Grant

Did you know that Sam Neill was once considered for the role of JAMES BOND? Or Harrison Ford as Dr. Alan Grant in JURASSIC PARK?

The Best & Worst Christmas Movies Part 2

Day 2 of Default Assault's Best & Worst Christmas Movie Trilogy showcasing our favorite holiday films and the one popular ones we can't stand!
Star Trek: Discoveryvideo

STAR TREK: DISCOVERY Review by Default

Default Assault boldly takes on STAR TREK: DISCOVERY. Does it deserve the mixed reactions it's been getting? How does it fit in with the STAR TREK universe?
Iron Manvideo

Iron Man vs. Captain America vs. Thor Trilogies

The ultimate battle of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Trilogies! Which comic book character sports the best overall trilogy? How do they rank? How does the Winter Soldier fare against Ragnarok and the original Iron Man?

Is The Godfather Required Viewing?

A recent survey found that 30% of the population lies about having seen THE GODFATHER. This got us thinking - is it a general cinematic necessity?

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