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Disney Planning NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS Remake or Sequel?

Is Disney planning to revisit Tim Burton's Halloween Town with a NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS Remake or Sequel? Because we need more Disney reboots...
blade runner 2049video

Should You See BLADE RUNNER 2049?

BLADE RUNNER 2049 starring Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford opened over the weekend to rave reviews and low turnout. Is it worth seeing in theatres?
Extinct Disneyvideo

Top 5 Extinct DISNEY WORLD Rides

In honor of the recent loss of the Universe of Energy and The Great Movie Ride, Default Assault counts down the Top 5 Extinct Disney World attractions!
Default Assaultvideo

The Default Assault is Coming!

Hilarity by Default is proud to announce a brand new video series: Default Assault! Every week, we'll be delving into movies, entertainment news, and...
Alfred Hitchcock James Bondvideo

An Alfred Hitchcock James Bond Film?

Would an Alfred Hitchcock James Bond movie starring Cary Grant have been the 007 film to end all Bond films? Was he really considered to helm Dr. No?
Disney Moviesvideo

Top Disney Movies That Should Have Rides

Sure we have Peter Pan's Flight, Alice's Mad Tea Party, & the late Mr. Toad, but what other Disney movies are being left out of the theme parks?

POCAHONTAS (1995): Disney Movie Review

Default Assault goes just around the river bend with our review of what is often cited as the great turning point of the Disney Renaissance - POCAHONTAS.

Disney’s THE ROCKETEER: Underrated Classic or Disappointment?

Are fans of Disney's THE ROCKETEER blinded by nostalgia glasses or is it one of the Mouse's most underrated live-action films?

Which STAR TREK Captain Would You Serve Under?

Everyone debates which is the best STAR TREK captain but which would you rather serve under? The stoic, diplomatic Picard? The dutiful...
Land Sand Mary Poppinsvideo

Deleted Disney: “Land of Sand” – The MARY POPPINS JUNGLE BOOK Song?

Default Assault takes a look at "Land of Sand" from a proposed MARY POPPINS Magic Compass sequence - a song which would later end up in THE JUNGLE BOOK.

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Default Disney: Make Mine Music (1946)

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Default Disney: Song of the South (1946)

Song of the South. Never has there been a more vilified or controversial film in the Disney canon but is there any truth in these accusations?

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When I first was going to review Pinocchio, I asked a few friends if they had interest in watching it with me only to...

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