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Deleted Disney: Was Genie Secretly the Peddler Merchant in ALADDIN?

Default Assault discusses the scrapped concept that the Peddler in ALADDIN was really the Genie in human form (both characters being voiced...

SOLO: A Non-Spoiler STAR WARS Review

Is SOLO a STAR WARS story worth watching? Default Assault breaks it down in our NON-SPOILER Review plus box office reactions and how the film stacks up against ROGUE ONE and the contentious LAST JEDI.

STRANGERS ON A TRAIN (1951): Hitchcock Movie Review

We take a ride with Alfred Hitchcock in his classic 1951 thriller STRANGERS ON A TRAIN in this week's episode of Required Viewing!
Bond Songvideo

The JAMES BOND Song Bracket Challenge: Ranking the 007 Themes

Watch our host slowly driven insane with his guests' unorthodox picks for Best James Bond Song in our epic 007 Bracket Challenge!

Will the Disney World Smoking Ban Actually Work?

Will Disney's theme park-wide ban on smoking for Walt Disney World & Disneyland actually work? Default Assault explores the ups and downs.
Christmas Carolvideo

Is MICKEY’S CHRISTMAS CAROL the Best Christmas Carol?

From Siskel and Ebert's notorious snub to Tiny Tim's surprising celebrity cemetery, Default Assault takes on the Disney classic - MICKEY'S CHRISTMAS CAROL.
Disney Castle Triviavideo

Disney Castle Trivia Challenge

Can you beat our Disney Castle Trivia Challenge? Put your Disney knowledge to the test with a series of castle questions from film & parks around the world.
Jack Sparrowvideo

Who It Could Have Been: Jack Sparrow & Indiana Jones

Default Assault takes a look at some of the insane original casting choices for INDIANA JONES and PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN's Jack Sparrow!
Cobra Kaivideo

COBRA KAI Season One Review

COBRA KAI, the YouTube Red series sequel to the 1984 nostalgic classic THE KARATE KID, has finally entered the online dōjō. Does it kick the competition or fail as badly as these requisite karate puns?
Will Bond Dievideo

Will Bond Die in NO TIME TO DIE?

Will Bond die in Daniel Craig's final 007 outing NO TIME TO DIE? We debate all the recent media clues and asks the big question: should Bond ever die?

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The release of Bambi in 1942 marked the end of an era at the Walt Disney Studios. America had entered World War II and...

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Default Disney: Song of the South (1946)

Song of the South. Never has there been a more vilified or controversial film in the Disney canon but is there any truth in these accusations?