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Summer Movievideo

Default Assault’s Summer Movie Preview 2017 – Part 3

Join us as Demos and Kyle dive into the upcoming July releases of 2017 in Part 3 of our 3 part Summer Movie series. From SPIDER-MAN to THE DARK TOWER...
Halloween Announcementvideo

Major Halloween Announcement & A Groovy Surprise!

Check out what's in store on Hilarity by Default for the month of October plus our reaction to Bruce Campbell's tweet about our Brisco County Jr. reviews!
Nightmare Before Christmasvideo

Is NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS a Halloween or Christmas Movie?

The conundrum of the holiday season: is Disney's THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS a Christmas or Halloween movie? Default Assault tackles the debate!
Christmas Moviesvideo

The Best & Worst Christmas Movies

The holidays are here and to kick off the season, Default Assault will be featuring a trilogy of episodes featuring our favorite Christmas movies plus...
Casino Royale 1954video

CASINO ROYALE (1954): James Bond 007 Review

We begin our look at the James Bond film series with 1954's CASINO ROYALE. Does it live up to the Bond legacy or is it a curio piece for devoted fans?
Summer Movievideo

Default Assault’s Summer Movie Preview 2017 – Part 1

Summer movie season is upon us! Join us as we dive into all the major upcoming 2017 releases in Part 1 of our three part series. From GUARDIANS OF THE...


PLANES, TRAINS & AUTOMOBILES, is a seasonal classic but is it really Required Viewing or, at the very least, the best Thanksgiving movie ever made?
Bran Starkvideo

Bran Stark is Ice Jesus & More GAME OF THRONES Talk

Default Assault ponders the latest Bran Stark GAME OF THRONES theory plus will we ever hail Davos Seaworth as the Onion King of the iron throne?
2019 Academy Awardsvideo

No Host for the 2019 Academy Awards?

With Kevin Hart out of the picture, a new direction has been announced - no host for the 2019 Academy Awards! Is this the right move for the Oscars?

New Coke is Back for STRANGER THINGS 3

Default Assault reacts to the news that Coca-Cola is bringing back its infamous New Coke flavor to promote the third season of Netflix's STRANGER THINGS.

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Default Disney: Song of the South (1946)

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