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Iron Manvideo

Iron Man vs. Captain America vs. Thor Trilogies

The ultimate battle of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Trilogies! Which comic book character sports the best overall trilogy? How do they rank? How does the Winter Soldier fare against Ragnarok and the original Iron Man?
gold donutvideo

Gold Donut and Pizza Hoodie

How does a savory gold donut (or a dozen) sound? Or a pizza pocket hoodie designed for pizza lovers on the go? Strange food news...
Spoils of Warvideo

GAME OF THRONES: “The Spoils of War” by Default

From momentous battles to long-awaited reunions, "The Spoils of War" has a little bit of everything that makes this one of the best TV series of our time!
Walt Disney World Triviavideo

Walt Disney World Trivia Challenge

We put our co-host's default status to the test with a series of Walt Disney World trivia questions. Come play along and see how well you do!
Summer Movievideo

Default Assault’s Summer Movie Preview 2017 – Part 2

Join us as Demos and Kyle dive into the upcoming June releases of 2017 in Part 2 of our 3 part Summer Movie series. From WONDER WOMAN to TRANSFORMERS 5...
Star Trekvideo

Discovering STAR TREK

Default Assault's Demosthenes and Kyle reminisce about their first introductions to STAR TREK, from the Original Series to The Next Generation & more!
Christmas Storyvideo


A CHRISTMAS STORY has been arguably overplayed year after year in 24 hour marathons but is its status as a holiday staple overrated?
Bond Songvideo

The JAMES BOND Song Bracket Challenge: Ranking the 007 Themes

Watch our host slowly driven insane with his guests' unorthodox picks for Best James Bond Song in our epic 007 Bracket Challenge!

The Biggest Movies of 2018

Default Assault previews some of the biggest movies coming out in 2018 from the slew of comic book films & sequels to the standout originals that you can look forward to.
Daniel Craigvideo

Daniel Craig as Thor?

How well would THOR have turned out if Daniel Craig had taken on the role? Despite rumors and jests to the contrary (many on Craig's part), would 007 have made a good God of Thunder?

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Make Mine Music

Default Disney: Make Mine Music (1946)

A dancing wind instrument, a child wolf hunter, and an operatic cetacean mammal show us how to MAKE MINE MUSIC in today's Default Disney review!