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From its epic use of Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song" to the Thor vs. Hulk fight, THOR: RAGNAROK has achieved much acclaim but is it the best THOR movie?
Disney's Herculesvideo

Disney’s HERCULES Coming to Shakespeare in the Park?

Disney's HERCULES is coming to New York's Shakespeare in the Park this summer. Throwback to Ancient Greek or baffling resurrection of a forgotten franchise?

Oscars We’re Rooting For

We reveal the Top Oscar picks that we're rooting for and the one Academy Award nomination that left us scratching our heads in today's Default Assault Extra!

STRANGERS ON A TRAIN (1951): Hitchcock Movie Review

We take a ride with Alfred Hitchcock in his classic 1951 thriller STRANGERS ON A TRAIN in this week's episode of Required Viewing!
High Adventurevideo

Deleted Disney: ALADDIN’s “High Adventure”

Is "High Adventure" the ALADDIN fight song we're missing? Today on Deleted Disney, we cover one of the most infamous cut songs...
Godfather Part IIvideo

The Godfather vs. Godfather Part II

Last month, we asked if THE GODFATHER was required viewing. Now it's time for the great debate: which is the better film, GODFATHER or GODFATHER PART II?

What’s Wrong with 2017’s Beauty and the Beast?

In today's Default Assault, we'll be focusing solely on 2017's Beauty and the Beast remake. Is it as good as they say or is everyone blinded by nostalgia?
Machete Named "Kindness"video

Drunk Pringles & a Machete Named “Kindness”

A woman is banned from Wal-Mart after using a Pringles can for nefariousness purposes, plus an encounter with a machete named "kindness."
Infinity Warvideo

Who Will Die in AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR? (Part 2)

[SPOILER-FREE Speculation.] In Part 2 of our 2-part series, Default Assault breaks down which characters have the highest chance of dying in AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR! Is this the last bow for Iron Man, Thor, or Captain America?

HERCULES: The Weakest Disney Renaissance Film?

Did Mickey take HERCULES from hero to zero? Default Assault takes a look at one of the most hotly debated, uncharacteristic productions from the House of Mouse during the Disney Renaissance but is it the weakest or most underrated of the era?

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Default Disney: Make Mine Music (1946)

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