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Chris Hemsworthvideo

Chris Hemsworth to Play Hulk Hogan for Netflix?

Looks like Thor is about to experience his inner Hulk! Chris Hemsworth is set to play famed wrestler Hulk Hogan in new Netflix biopic.
Deleted Jafar Villain Songvideo

Is “Why Me?” the Deleted Jafar Villain Song ALADDIN Needed?

Jafar deserved better! Out of all the Disney villains from the renaissance, if there was one that deserved a truly outstanding song...

Pinocchio Remakes & Patrick Stewart

In today's Default Assault Extras, we discuss Disney's rumored live-action remake of Pinocchio, other terrifying Pinocchio films, and Patrick Stewart...
wonder womanvideo

The Wonder Woman Controversy & Roger Moore (R.I.P.)

In today's episode, we tackle the uproar and controversy behind the women-only screenings of WONDER WOMAN & also pay tribute to the late SIR ROGER MOORE...
Ready Player Onevideo

READY PLAYER ONE (Review + Spoilers)

Steven Spielberg's READY PLAYER ONE is finally out! Based on the best selling novel by Ernest Cline, it features a treasure trove of Easter eggs but does it live up to expectation?

Easter Bunny Attack!

Default Assault reacts to a video of the Easter Bunny serving vigilante justice in an attack on the streets of downtown Orlando!
Extinct Disneyvideo

Top 5 Extinct DISNEY WORLD Rides

In honor of the recent loss of the Universe of Energy and The Great Movie Ride, Default Assault counts down the Top 5 Extinct Disney World attractions!
Christmas Carolvideo

Is MICKEY’S CHRISTMAS CAROL the Best Christmas Carol?

From Siskel and Ebert's notorious snub to Tiny Tim's surprising celebrity cemetery, Default Assault takes on the Disney classic - MICKEY'S CHRISTMAS CAROL.
Infinity Warvideo

Who Will Die in AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR? (Part 2)

[SPOILER-FREE Speculation.] In Part 2 of our 2-part series, Default Assault breaks down which characters have the highest chance of dying in AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR! Is this the last bow for Iron Man, Thor, or Captain America?

What We Learned in 2017

To celebrate the end of 2017 & our 50th episode, Default Assault takes a crazy look back at the year in review. From The Last Jedi controversies to...

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