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Wonder Womanvideo

Wonder Woman by Default

Today on Default Assault, Demos and Kyle share their thoughts on WONDER WOMAN. Does it live up to its massive hype as one of the greatest comic book movies?
Justice Leaguevideo

What Went Wrong with the JUSTICE LEAGUE?

Beyond the question of whether or not JUSTICE LEAGUE is better than BATMAN V SUPERMAN (it is), does it make the cut as a worthy DCEU film?

Marvel’s THE DEFENDERS by Default

Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, & Iron Fist finally join forces in Marvel's THE DEFENDERS! Does it live up to the pedigree of the 1st 3 Netflix shows?
Alan Grantvideo

Who It Could Have Been: James Bond and Alan Grant

Did you know that Sam Neill was once considered for the role of JAMES BOND? Or Harrison Ford as Dr. Alan Grant in JURASSIC PARK?

90’s Cartoons That Should Be Rebooted Next

Following the success of 2017's DuckTales reboot and the announcement this week that Animaniacs is returning in 2020, we offer our Top 3 90's cartoons that need to be rebooted next!
buzz lightyearvideo

Who It Could Have Been: Buzz Lightyear and Santa Claus

Who It Could Have Been returns with a look at two famous Tim Allen roles - Buzz Lightyear from Disney's TOY STORY & Scott Calvin from THE SANTA CLAUSE...
Sleeping Beautyvideo

SLEEPING BEAUTY (1959): 60th Anniversary Movie Review

Dragons, fire, and Tchaikovsky - what could go wrong? With Walt Disney's Sleeping Beauty celebrating its 60th Anniversary, we ask: is it Required Viewing?
Fifth Elementvideo

Is THE FIFTH ELEMENT Required Viewing? w/ Tokeo Jamison

With Luc Besson's VALERIAN out next month, this is the ideal time to ask if his 1997 sci-fi effort, THE FIFTH ELEMENT, is required viewing...

Oscar Mayer Searches for New Wienermobile Driver

Oscar Mayer announces its search for a new Wienermobile driver and Default Assault has just the right man for the job!

Top 10 Actors Who Almost Played BATMAN

We count down our Top 10 Lost Batmen - actors who came close to playing Batman but lost the role for one reason or another. 

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