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RETURN TO OZ (1985) – A Disney Horror Trip?

Disney's RETURN TO OZ finds Dorothy about to undergo electric shock therapy to rid her of her perceived delusions of the mystical world of Oz.
Machete Named "Kindness"video

Drunk Pringles & a Machete Named “Kindness”

A woman is banned from Wal-Mart after using a Pringles can for nefariousness purposes, plus an encounter with a machete named "kindness."
Great Racevideo

Move Over Daytona 500! This is the Real GREAT RACE!

Is Blake Edwards' 1965 comedy extravaganza THE GREAT RACE more exciting than the Daytona 500? You bet it is - but is it Required Viewing?
Infinity Warvideo

Who Will Die in AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR? (Part 2)

[SPOILER-FREE Speculation.] In Part 2 of our 2-part series, Default Assault breaks down which characters have the highest chance of dying in AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR! Is this the last bow for Iron Man, Thor, or Captain America?
JOKER Teaser Trailer Reactionvideo

JOKER Teaser Trailer Reaction

JOKER Teaser Trailer Reaction: Default Assault breaks down the new teaser for DC's upcoming film. Does Todd Phillips' DCEU deviation show promise?

SPELLBOUND (1945): Hitchcock Movie Review

Suspense and surrealism combine in Alfred Hitchcock and Salvador Dali's 1945 thriller SPELLBOUND, but is it Required Viewing?
2019 Academy Awardsvideo

No Host for the 2019 Academy Awards?

With Kevin Hart out of the picture, a new direction has been announced - no host for the 2019 Academy Awards! Is this the right move for the Oscars?
Underrated Comediesvideo

The Most Underrated Comedies (Part 1)

Comedy is arguably the most subjective film genre and with many people claiming that there are too few good comedies out there, we've decided...
be preparedvideo

Live-Action THE LION KING Cutting “Be Prepared”?

Elton John just revealed that they're cutting "Be Prepared" from 2019's upcoming live-action remake of Disney's THE LION KING. Default Assault breaks down the facts!
Captain America Rocketeervideo

Captain America vs. the Rocketeer

Disney's THE ROCKETEER vs. Marvel's CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER. The shocking similarities plus which of the two is the better?

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