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Fifth Elementvideo

Is THE FIFTH ELEMENT Required Viewing? w/ Tokeo Jamison

With Luc Besson's VALERIAN out next month, this is the ideal time to ask if his 1997 sci-fi effort, THE FIFTH ELEMENT, is required viewing...

SALUDOS AMIGOS vs. THE THREE CABALLEROS – Donald Duck’s Latin Showdown

It's time for Donald Duck's Latin American showdown - SALUDOS AMIGOS vs. THE THREE CABALLEROS. Produced as part of the U.S.'s Good Neighbor Policy...
Rogue Onevideo

Is Rogue One the Best Star Wars Film?

Kyle and Demosthenes go head to head over Rogue One: A Star Wars Story on this week's episode of Default Assault. Who wins (other than Disney executives)...
disgraced actorsvideo

Should Disgraced Actors Have Their Awards or Shows Taken Away?

With the latest Roseanne Barr debacle where a terrible tweet resulted in the immediate cancellation of her new show, Default Assault ponders the question: should disgraced actors or actresses have their shows, movies, or awards taken away?

POCAHONTAS (1995): Disney Movie Review

Default Assault goes just around the river bend with our review of what is often cited as the great turning point of the Disney Renaissance - POCAHONTAS.
Sleeping Beautyvideo

SLEEPING BEAUTY (1959): 60th Anniversary Movie Review

Dragons, fire, and Tchaikovsky - what could go wrong? With Walt Disney's Sleeping Beauty celebrating its 60th Anniversary, we ask: is it Required Viewing?

What Went Wrong with ANT-MAN AND THE WASP?

Default Assault reviews and breaks down the reactions to Marvel's latest feature: ANT-MAN AND THE WASP. Is it really an MCU stumble?

A Quentin Tarantino Django / Zorro Movie Coming?

Default Assault reacts to the intriguing news that Quentin Tarantino may be working on an upcoming Django/Zorro crossover film event! Is this...
Daniel Craigvideo

Daniel Craig as Thor?

How well would THOR have turned out if Daniel Craig had taken on the role? Despite rumors and jests to the contrary (many on Craig's part), would 007 have made a good God of Thunder?
Human Againvideo

Does “Human Again” Improve BEAUTY AND THE BEAST?

Does the deleted "Human Again" improve or detract from the original BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (1991)? Initially written and discarded for the...

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