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Hilarity by Default’s Top 13 Funny Photoshops of 2016

One of my great joys of writing articles and reviews on Hilarity by Default are the many Photoshops I put together to either get...

What’s the Worst State to Drive In?

Driving into work yesterday morning, I was struck by a series of events that gave me flashbacks to some of the craziest road experiences...
hilarious road

The Long and Hilarious Road

2016 may be coming to an end but it's only the beginning for Hilarity by Default. As the site grows and changes, expect some...

Speech-to-Text Distress

Speech-to-text has been a good tool especially for those who like to send text messages hands-free while driving. Personally, I could never truly justify...
Store Stories

Store Stories 2

After posting Store Stories last month, I couldn't just leave it there. There were so many more to include that I could never fit them all...

The Uber Apocalypse – Part II

As I mentioned yesterday, I have mostly found Uber drivers to be an extroverted bunch, many times dolling out conversation beyond the typical topics...

The Uber Apocalypse – Part I

I'll say this much about Uber - it not only saves you money but it can give you some crazy stories to tell. I...

The Curse of AT&T

I have always done my AT&T phone purchases in a store but when it came time to finally upgrade my Samsung Galaxy S4, I decided...

The Dumbest Thing I Ever Heard at Disney World

As far as childhood memories go, few are fonder than those first trips to Walt Disney World - trips that usually featured preludes of...

Store Stories

The unintended hilarity of store signs with unfortunate letters burnt out or missing.

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