NO TIME TO DIE Titlevideo

Is NO TIME TO DIE Really a Good Title for BOND 25?

Is NO TIME TO DIE really a good title for the next James Bond 007 adventure?
Nicolas Cage SPIDER-MANvideo

Nicolas Cage as the Green Goblin in SPIDER-MAN?

Would Nicolas Cage have played a good Norman Osborn / Green Goblin in Sam Raimi's 2002 comic book classic, SPIDER-MAN, in lieu of Willem Dafoe?
LION KING African Savannavideo

Kyle Reviews THE LION KING in the African Savanna!

Kyle Nash reviews Disney's original THE LION KING (1994) on location in the African Savanna! Every week, Default Assault...
Casino Royale 1954video

CASINO ROYALE (1954): James Bond 007 Review

We begin our look at the James Bond film series with 1954's CASINO ROYALE. Does it live up to the Bond legacy or is it a curio piece for devoted fans?
Jim Carrey JURASSIC PARKvideo

Jim Carrey as Ian Malcolm in JURASSIC PARK?

Would Jim Carrey have played a good Ian Malcolm in Steven Spielberg's original JURASSIC PARK (1993) in lieu of the inimitable Jeff Goldblum?
TOY STORY in Spacevideo

Kyle Reviews TOY STORY in Space!

Kyle Nash reviews Disney/Pixar's original 1995 TOY STORY in space on location at Star Command!
HOME ALONE Rebootvideo

Disney’s HOME ALONE Reboot & Galaxy’s Edge Failure?

Default Assault breaks down Disney's streaming announcements including their proposed HOME ALONE reboot. Plus, is STAR WARS: Galaxy's Edge really failing?
I'm Oddvideo

Deleted Disney: ALICE IN WONDERLAND’s “I’m Odd”

Is "I'm Odd" the song that the Cheshire Cat deserved in Walt Disney's classic, ALICE IN WONDERLAND (1951)? Plus, is the Cheshire Cat the secret villain?


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