Disney's Herculesvideo

Disney’s HERCULES Coming to Shakespeare in the Park?

Disney's HERCULES is coming to New York's Shakespeare in the Park this summer. Throwback to Ancient Greek or baffling resurrection of a forgotten franchise?
Ser Pouncevideo

Ser Pounce GAME OF THRONES Fate Revealed?

GAME OF THRONES showrunner David Benioff has revealed the fate of fan favorite Ser Pounce but is it merely a cover for the series' biggest twist?

Disney Planning NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS Remake or Sequel?

Is Disney planning to revisit Tim Burton's Halloween Town with a NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS Remake or Sequel? Because we need more Disney reboots...
Disney Merchandisevideo

Disney Merchandise Barred From Using “Let It Go”?

Has the phrase "Let It Go" from FROZEN been barred from being used on Disney Merchandise by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office?
Frozen 2video

FROZEN 2 Trailer Reaction

Default Assault reacts to the brand new teaser trailer for Disney's upcoming sequel, FROZEN 2. More of the same or are there hints of something daring?

SPELLBOUND (1945): Hitchcock Movie Review

Suspense and surrealism combine in Alfred Hitchcock and Salvador Dali's 1945 thriller SPELLBOUND, but is it Required Viewing?
squirrel lasagnavideo

Would You Try Squirrel Lasagna?

The chef of a London restaurant has just introduced a new specialty dish - squirrel lasagna! It may be high in sustainable protein but would you try it?
New Emojisvideo

New Emojis for 2019 to Include a Waffle & Period Emoji?

Unicode has announced 230 new emojis for 2019 which include waffles, yawning faces, pinching hands, and a period emoji intended to normalize menstruation.
Ban Cigarettesvideo

Hawaii May Ban Cigarettes by Raising Smoking Age to 100?

Hawaii is looking to indirectly ban cigarettes with new bill. Proposed by Democrat Richard Creagan, HB 1509 seeks to raise the smoking age from 21 to 100.
Mary Poppins racistvideo

The REAL Reason People Are Calling MARY POPPINS Racist

Is there a deeper purpose behind the strange New York Times op-ed calling Walt Disney's original MARY POPPINS racist? Default Assault may have the answer.