Out-of-Context Posters #16: Home Alone (1990)

Movie posters often use their most iconic scene as their focus. Think Tom Cruise hanging off a plane for the Mission Impossible 5 poster. But what would happen if instead those posters would feature something completely out-of-context?

I often wonder how many household accidents plague the families of Home Alone viewing victims. Being myself the perfect age demographic when the film first came out, the only thing I wanted to do after watching it was fill my house with homemade booby traps. After all, no holiday season would be complete without self-rigged blow torches by doors or micro machine roll-outs of death. How many of my traps would have worked or foiled potential burglars (or social services officers) is best left to the imagination; however, in today’s Out-of-Context Poster, we take a look at the likely outcome of a little kid pitted against two adult assailants…

Happy Holidays?
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