Out-of-Context Posters #33: The Fox and the Hound (1981)

Movie posters often use their most iconic scene as their focus. Think Tom Cruise with a blindfold on for the Minority Report poster. But what would happen if instead those posters would feature something completely out-of-context?

As Hilarity by Default grows and evolves, a few changes have to come to light. With the approach our 35th entry in our Out of Context Posters series, we’ve come to a point where this will no longer be a regular, weekly series. No frets, however! We’re not fully cancelling the series but putting it on a seasonal basis with surprise batches of 5-10 posters coming out every once in a while. This will allow us to keep the ideas fresh and more time to grow and produce even more hilarious content – by default.

Counting down to our 35th and final regular entry in the series, we have a reader request: Disney‘s 1981 animated release, The Fox and the Hound (a.k.a. less gutsy Bambi!). Now there’s a poster that practically screams “family fun!”

Fox and the Hound OOCP

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