Michael Douglas Talks “Ant-Man” [VIDEO]

ROCHESTER, NY — Michael Douglas took a break during Thursday’s press conference at the George Eastman House to discuss his excitement over his upcoming film – Marvel’s Ant-Man. When asked what prompted him to take part in a summer superhero extravaganza, Douglas remarked enthusiastically, “Are you kidding? I was happy to be invited!” He elaborated, “I thought it would be fantastic….My entire career is just contemporary movies. I did one period picture [1992’s Shining Through] out of over 50 pictures…no special effects, no sci-fi, nothing.”

Ant-Man centers around con-man Scott Lang (played by Paul Rudd) who becomes an unlikely hero when he is discovered by Hank Pym (Douglas), a professor who has created an extraordinary suit that allows a person to shrink down to minuscule proportions while retaining his normal human-sized strength. “I’ve done Marvel homework now to play Professor Hank Pym who is a very key instrumental character in the Marvel world. He’s the one who actually put the Avengers together [in the comics]. It was a real treat and a phenomenal learning curve in terms of green screen and the things that you can do now which is just scary.”

Despite the size of its titular hero, Douglas reveals “that it was a lot of fun to be in a big, big, big-time picture.”

For more of Michael Douglas’s thoughts on Ant-Man, please check out our video above. For the full coverage of yesterday’s event, click here.

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