RETURN TO OZ (1985) – A Disney Horror Trip?

For the month of October, we’re looking at five horror and Halloween classics to determine if they are Required Viewing. We begin this week by taking a RETURN TO OZ. The 1985 Disney followup to the 1939 MGM musical classic, RETURN TO OZ finds Dorothy about to undergo electric shock therapy to rid her of her perceived delusions of the mystical world of Oz.

Saved by a ghostly figure, she finds herself back on a broken yellow brick road as she discovers that her friends have been turned to stone by the evil Gnome King and a devilish headless witch. Pursued by a gang of Wheelers, she meets new companions as she endeavors to save Oz and the fantasies within her own mind.

Plus, a look at Walt Disney’s abandoned OZ film – THE RAINBOW ROAD TO OZ.

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