Michael Keaton Honored at the George Eastman Museum [VIDEO]

ROCHESTER, NY — Michael Keaton will be receiving the esteemed George Eastman Award tonight celebrating his extraordinary contributions to the film industry for nearly 40 years. The Golden Globe-winning and Oscar-nominated actor (2014’s Birdman) has thrilled and mystified audiences in a wide-range of roles from his Tim Burton-directed blockbusters, Beetlejuice and Batman, to headlining the most recent back-to-back Best Picture winners, Birdman and Spotlight.

In our coverage of the event, Michael Keaton speaks about what attracted him to his latest picture, The Founder, how his stage name was nearly Michael Jackson, film vs. digital film-making, and the mutant animals he’s growing in his basement.

Note: I originally covered the event for RocCityNews in Rochester, NY.

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