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Gaston vs. Frollo

A Disney Villain Showdown: Gaston vs. Frollo. They may be more alike than you think. Also, which actor would play the ideal Frollo in a live-action remake?
Hellfire vs Gastonvideo

Hellfire vs Gaston

Which is the better Disney Villain Song: "Hellfire," sung by Frollo in THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME, or "Gaston" from BEAUTY AND...

Deleted Disney: Was Genie Secretly the Peddler Merchant in ALADDIN?

Default Assault discusses the scrapped concept that the Peddler in ALADDIN was really the Genie in human form (both characters being voiced...
I'm Oddvideo

Deleted Disney: ALICE IN WONDERLAND’s “I’m Odd”

Is "I'm Odd" the song that the Cheshire Cat deserved in Walt Disney's classic, ALICE IN WONDERLAND (1951)? Plus, is the Cheshire Cat the secret villain?

Julia Roberts & Madonna in THE GODFATHER?

Sofia Coppola's role as Mary Corleone is easily one of the most debated aspects of THE GODFATHER 3 but did you know that she was far from the first choice?
Disney Cinematic Universevideo

The Disney Cinematic Universe?

With Disney's recent barrage of live-action remakes, it's not hard to believe that a Disney Cinematic Universe may be on the horizon (possibly focused on Disney Princesses or Disney Villains).
Keep 'Em Guessingvideo

Is “Keep ‘Em Guessing” the Deleted Disney Song MULAN Needed?

Is "Keep 'Em Guessing" the deleted MULAN Mushu equivalent to Genie's "Friend Like Me" from ALADDIN? With its smooth jazz and witty...

Is Varys a Merman & More GAME OF THRONES Talk

Is Varys secretly a merman? Are all the surviving male GAME OF THRONES characters maimed in some way? All that & more in this week's Default Assault Extras!
Social Lionvideo

Obscure Disney Review – “Social Lion” (1954)

By viewer request, today on Required Viewing we’re covering one of the more obscure of Walt Disney’s animated short films – 1954’s “Social Lion.”
Doc Ock Green Goblinvideo

Doc Ock vs Green Goblin

Which was the better villain from Sam Raimi's SPIDER-MAN Trilogy - Alfred Molina's Doc Ock vs Green Goblin played by Willem Dafoe?

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Default Disney: Song of the South (1946)

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