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Easter Bunny Attack!

Default Assault reacts to a video of the Easter Bunny serving vigilante justice in an attack on the streets of downtown Orlando!
Florida Man Birthday Challengevideo

Florida Man Birthday Challenge

Default Assault takes the Florida Man Birthday Challenge with a trio of stories involving cross-dressing puppy theft, Florida zombies, & restaurant rope.
HOME ALONE Rebootvideo

Disney’s HOME ALONE Reboot & Galaxy’s Edge Failure?

Default Assault breaks down Disney's streaming announcements including their proposed HOME ALONE reboot. Plus, is STAR WARS: Galaxy's Edge really failing?

What’s the Best Disney Ride to Live In?

If you had the chance to live in a Disney ride from any park, what would it be? The Haunted Mansion would...

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Make Mine Music

Default Disney: Make Mine Music (1946)

A dancing wind instrument, a child wolf hunter, and an operatic cetacean mammal show us how to MAKE MINE MUSIC in today's Default Disney review!

Default Disney: Bambi (1942)

The release of Bambi in 1942 marked the end of an era at the Walt Disney Studios. America had entered World War II and...

Default Disney: The Three Caballeros (1944)

To say that THE THREE CABALLEROS is one of the most unusual entries in the Disney canon is an understatement. With flying donkeys, human/horse hybrids...

Default Disney: Pinocchio (1940)

When I first was going to review Pinocchio, I asked a few friends if they had interest in watching it with me only to...
Song of the South

Default Disney: Song of the South (1946)

Song of the South. Never has there been a more vilified or controversial film in the Disney canon but is there any truth in these accusations?