Hilarious by Default

Adventures in pure randomness and utter insanity. Mostly devoid of cat videos.

Inside the Default Studio

For years, one of my favorite television shows was Inside the Actor's Studio. Unlike most brief, and many times obviously scripted, appearances on talk...

The Cornhole Conundrum

Every job has its own set of specific quirks yet, in my experience, nothing has come close to the fanatical cornhole mania that possessed a travel job...
Super Bowl

Naked Celebrities, Talking Babies, and Watching It Live: Super Bowl 50

The Super Bowl - it's a night of pyrotechnics, elaborate concerts, and jets flying at supersonic speeds over mass stadiums packed to the brim...

What’s the Worst State to Drive In?

Driving into work yesterday morning, I was struck by a series of events that gave me flashbacks to some of the craziest road experiences...

Store Stories

The unintended hilarity of store signs with unfortunate letters burnt out or missing.
San Francisco

The Virgin Flight to a San Francisco Treat

In the spring of 2014, I found myself travelling cross country for a job opportunity in Santa Rosa, California. Flying via Virgin Airlines from...

The Uber Apocalypse – Part I

I'll say this much about Uber - it not only saves you money but it can give you some crazy stories to tell. I...
Wireless Retail

The Top Ten Dumbest Things I Ever Heard in Wireless Retail

There are few jobs more maniacally frustrating than retail - especially in the wireless industry! Acquainting millions of employees to new, wondrous...

The Return of Super Sunday

Super Sunday is upon us. Time to break your New Year's resolutions and pig out on wings, Cheetos, and a selection of the finest craft beers such as...

The Dumbest Thing I Ever Heard at Disney World

As far as childhood memories go, few are fonder than those first trips to Walt Disney World - trips that usually featured preludes of...

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